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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Horrible management... no accountability is held and the company has lost tons of talented employees because of upper management. Extremely high turnover in every department. HR does nothing to help with employee relations."

Current Employee - Royalty Analyst says

"- Zero direction from upper management, especially in the admin dept. - Hard work is not rewarded. - There isn't a path for movement, the only time people see promotions is when other people leave the company. - They do not hire from within so if you're a qualified candidate, you have a better shot at getting a job as an outsider. - The only encouragement for employees to do better is applying pressure. This company operates like it's 1976 and believe a "top-down" style of management works."


"A lot of people working here forget what type of fun environment it should be. There is no upward mobility because the company would rather hire from the outside. The culture here is dismal with several employees miserable. My happiness level sky-rocketed once I left. "You mean to tell me I can actually work and make mistakes without being reprimanded for it?" Some managers would rather gossip and surf online than actually do work and pass the buck to lower-level employees. HR seems to almost have no idea what they're doing at times. I saw 3-4 HR employees come and go in the span of a year."

Current Employee - Manager says

"upper management does not want to day to day issues"

Current Employee - Manager says

"- Lack of leadership and poor management at VP and above levels. - Salary/wages are not competitive."

Manager, Contract Administration says

"1. like the industry, the company had plenty of senior staff who did not grow up with a digital lifestyle and the real problem was that their (understandable) sense of having their livelihood threatened made them very stupid, for far too long. 2. I saw, again at senior levels, such contempt for the artist and the fans, it was really shocking too me (especially as I trained as an artist myself) 3. unbelievably petty attitudes spread throughout the company - not sure why, to be honest. 4. naive corporate decision-making that only focused on shareholder - shareholders are not the most important entities in a company., especially a company that sells art."


"There are numerous. Once you establish a rapport with enough people, you will soon realize that you'll be in the same boat as most people when the time comes when you're sick of the job: You're not the only one looking elsewhere to work. Unless you sleep with the right people, promotions are few and far between and raises don't occur annually. Anyone who knows anything about economics would tell you that if you don't even get that standard of living increase, you're getting a pay cut. There are way too much BS politics, and even though it's easy to be cordial with almost everyone, it still feels like high school. The bullies don't stick your head in the toilet; they just give off this heir of superiority for no reason. Through the years, they've taken away perks gradually. If you want to one day be under-appreciated and exclaim to yourself, "of all companies I could have worked for, I just happened to end up at the one that did NOT give annual raises, took forever (if ever) to promote, and kept me in a state of stagnation while all my peers in various industries have progressed significantly in their respective fields!", I highly recommend seeking employment here."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Not much incentive and staff benefits"

Current Employee - Manager says

"long hours and minimal pay for the work"

Former Employee - Director says

"Petty infighting among executive leadership"

music (Former Employee) says

"Working with a lot of music artist made it a fun place to work.The hardest part about this job was getting people to approve things in time. Working with people who are very inexperienced."

Singer songwriter (Current Employee) says

"Fun lively tower bridge pub I learnt to waitress and serve behind a bar I learnt communication skills and excellent customer service skills I learnt how to deal and resolve problems and situations I learnt about the produce they sell It has challenged me to work harder and follow my passionfree luncheslong hours"

G says

"Very obvious that they\'re in this for the money."

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